BREAKING: Top Dem Issues Horrifying DEATH THREAT Against Conservative Journalists

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(TPM) – In a Twitter thread discussing the results of the French presidential election, disgraced Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson called for people to “mow down” journalist Glenn Greenwald and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon.

Wilson began his Sunday afternoon thread by saying incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron didn’t just “beat” National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen, but “he crushed her.”

“There’s no upside for the end of the decades-long Le Pen investment by Putin and others,” Wilson wrote.

“The phony populism couldn’t hide the inner core of her pro-Putin, anti-immigrant, not-so-covert racial appeals,” he added. “Putin was — as Macron ably pointed out in one of the most decisive debate performances in history — her banker.”

In the thread, Wilson issued a threat to those he deemed Macron’s “enemies abroad,” which included Russian President Vladimir Putin, former White House chief strategist Bannon, and independent reporter Greenwald.

“Macron should understand that his enemies abroad — Putin, Bannon, Greenwald et al — won’t rest and won’t stop coming,” said Wilson. “They need to mow them down before a cleaner, smarter version of Le Pen emerges.”

“Complacency is death for democracies. In America, too many believe that being rid of Trump ended the threat to our republic and its democratic system,” Wilson concluded. “They only have to win decisively in one big election and that’s the ballgame.”

Following the thread, Greenwald responded, questioning, “I wonder how long a tweet urging that foreign leaders ‘mow down’ AOC or Pete Buttigieg would last?”

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