BREAKING: Top Doctor Exposes Covid Masks… This is Horrifying

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Dr Ted Noel uploaded the demonstration to YouTube

(Infowars) – A doctor has uploaded a video purportedly showing the inefficency of facemasks, by blowing clouds of vape smoke through the sides of a mask.

Dr Ted Noel, an anesthesiologist with 36 years of experience, recently uploaded a video contrasting the mainstream media narrative that face masks are the ultimate solution to protecting oneself from spreading or catching the coronavirus.

Doctor Noel demonstrated the ability for aerosol particles to get through a number of face masks by using a vape. These included medical face masks, cloth masks, and guard masks which have a “high efficiency filter material.”

The vape aerosol, which has the same size or larger particles as coronavirus, easily went around the sides, bottom, and tops of the masks that Noel displayed. “It might protect me from you, but it sure isn’t going to protect you from me,” Noel argued:

The fact is that unless I have a mask which is fully sealed, and where I breath through the filter matieral both directions, and I have really high quality filter, nothing is going to protect in either direction, because just the same way that the vape went out, around, and through, it will come in, around, and through. Aerosols will not be stopped by masks.

It follows commentary from Noel posted last month to TownHall, where he pointed out that in all of the CDC literature regarding masks and face coverings, “every pro-mask author brushes aside all the negative data with “masks may help.’” Noel declared this as simply “wishful thinking”:

The data that they will help doesn’t exist. In the scientific literature, this would be called a “Class D” recommendation. It is “expert opinion,” supposedly based on first principles. When there is no literature support, professional society guidelines will normally state that “expert opinion suggests… but we can make no recommendations.” Properly understood, this means, “We have no opinion.” But the basketball player and scarf queen seem very adamant that we should wear masks. One must ask why they are so sure. Since nothing either one has recommended has been correct, it seems that they have decided that virtue signaling will keep their fifteen minutes of fame going. They have chosen a “Scientific Wild-Assed Guess” as their foundation.

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