Breaking: Top Republican Moves To Target Clinton Corruption

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(SNews) – Former President George W. Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleischer has called for prosecutors in Republican-led states to launch investigations into Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Fleischer argues that conservative prosecutors should seek to indict the Clintons in response to the weaponization of the justice system against President Donald Trump.

The latest effort by Democrat President Joe Biden to take out his main rival in the 2024 presidential election comes after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg launched a politically motivated indictment attack against Trump in April.

After Bragg went after Trump, Fleischer urges Republican prosecutors in other states to use the same dirty tactics against top Democrats.

“One of the raps against Donald Trump is that he violates the norms and as a result the Democrats had no choice, prosecutors had no choice,” said Fleischer.

“What’s happened to Donald Trump is actually the real violation of the norms.

“He was impeached the first time by a process that did not even go through the Judiciary Committee.

“They’ve wrecked a bipartisan intelligence committee at the hands of Adam Schiff to get Donald Trump.

“The second time they tried to impeach him, knowing they would not succeed, they didn’t even go through that process.

“They went right on the floor and shoved it down everybody’s throats.

“And now you have a prosecutor in an overwhelmingly lopsidedly ideologically Democrat, 85-15 Democrat to Republican Manhattan going after Donald Trump.

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“Here’s what I hope happens.

“I earnestly hope that conservative prosecutors in rural areas of America indict Bill Clinton, indict Hillary Clinton, indict Hunter Biden.

“The only way to stop this and return to the norms is for one side to realize if they go too far, the other will match them.

“That’s not the way we settle our disputes in America.

“They should be settled at the ballot box and not through the courts.

“But Republicans cannot unilaterally disarm.

“You can’t let them try to interfere in the 2024 election by doing to Donald Trump what they’re doing.

“And I say as someone who criticized Donald Trump when he goes too far,” he said.

“Democrats are violating the norms, and they are especially doing it through this weak case in Manhattan.”

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