BREAKING: Trump Causes Mass TRIGGERING… Patriots Are Cheering!

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(Breitbart) – Left-wing Hollywood celebrities raged against President Trump and played defense for Joe Biden during the final presidential debate on Thursday.

The stars hurled insults at the president, calling him a “bitch,” “disgusting,” “evil,” and even a “pig fuck.” Meanwhile, they gushed over Biden, defending the Democratic nominee over the growing Biden family scandal involving his son, Hunter.

Their clean-up job for Biden also consisted of cheerleading for the candidate when he flubbed his words and defending Hunter Biden against the recent reports.

Actress and Democratic operative Alyssa Milano led the parade by claiming that Trump is “disgusting” for even bringing up the Biden family scandal. The Hollywood star also gave Americans an ultimatum, claiming that it is impossible for them to love both Trump and their country. “You can’t love both,” she insisted.

Frozen star Josh Gad also played cheerleader for Joe Biden.

Actress Debra Messing called Trump a racist, claiming that the president “wants to scare white Americans with racism.”

Actor Mark Ruffalo demanded that the president release his tax returns in response to the Biden family scandal. He also claimed that Trump’s “love of the fossil fuel industry” is going to “kill us.”

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Alec Baldwin tweeted that Americans will hold Trump personally responsible for the country’s coronavirus deaths.

Rob Reiner let out a Twitter moan: “The lies. All those lies.”

Actress Mia Farrow called the president a psychopath. She also defended Hunter Biden, by citing his academic and professsional resume.

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