BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Exposes The Entire Climate Change Cult

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(SNews) – Fox News star Tucker Carlson has exposed the rise of “climate change” activism as a “state religion,” which he compares to a “cult.”

During his show on Friday, Carlson said that environmentalism was becoming a “cult of climate.”

He argues that this “cult” is growing because it is filling a void left by a lack of “religious faith.”

Carlson notes that the increased popularity of climate alarmism is driven by the fact that environmental activists no longer care about data.

“You may remember a writer called Michael Crichton, he was a force in American entertainment, he was a novelist, he was a movie producer, turned out a ton of top films and best-selling books, the Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, et cetera, et cetera,” Carlson said.

He continued by describing a talk Crichton gave in San Francisco where he said that environmentalism had become a religion that viewed the Industrial Revolution as its original sin.

“As church attendance and self-identified religious faith have fallen off a cliff in this country, the cult of climate has grown stronger,” Carlson said.

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration canceled offshore oil and gas leases in May, as Slay News reported.

The Biden admin also imposed new regulations on onshore drilling in April and revoked a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in January 2021.

During his 2020 campaign for president, Biden promised to phase out fossil fuels.

Carlson also played clips of media figures falsely claiming that hurricanes were becoming bigger threats due to climate change.

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He continued by noting that the data actually shows that hurricanes are becoming less frequent.

“Nobody cares about data anymore; we saw that with Covid as well,” Carlson said.

“Wear a cloth mask, said Fauci even as he privately admitted that cloth masks are useless to prevent the transmission of Covid.

“Take the Covid shot, Kathy Hochul told us, standing at a pulpit, because, and were quoting, ‘That’s what god wants.’

“So once again, whatever this is, it is not science by definition, it’s religion.

“But despite the fact the Constitution prohibits the U.S. government from having a state religion, that now is our state religion.”

“Zealots want to punish people in the name of their faith,” Carlson added later.

He noted that some hospitals planned to reduce the amount of anesthesia given to surgical patients in the name of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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