Breaking: Tucker Carlson Exposes The Truth About Fox News

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Tucker Carlson just blew the lid off of the inner workings at Fox News.

Carlson revealed the real problem at Fox News to Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy that the network is “run by fearful women.”

He also revealed who was harassing his producers the whole time:

“My view on Fox hasn’t really changed,” Carlson said.

“They let me say whatever I want, whatever I wanted really for 14 years and I’ll never stop being grateful for that.

“And then obviously, I said too much.

“And I’m not exactly sure what I said that was bad.

“No one ever told me,” he noted.

“But one day, they were like, ‘Nope! Can’t have this anymore.’ And they fired me.”

“And I even told them as they were firing me, like, ‘It’s your business.’

“I made a mental note: Never work for anyone else again, and I never will.”

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“But I can’t be mad about it,” he acknowledged.

“I mean, they were great to me.

“The Murdochs were always nice to me and one day, for whatever reason they had enough.

“So, I wasn’t– my feelings weren’t hurt.

“I was not expecting it.”

“Did you feel like at Fox you could say whatever you want?” Portnoy asked.

Tucker said: “Well, there was always internal– I mean, the Murdochs were always nice.

“They never got in my way at all.

“They were always super nice to me.

“But there were, you know, small-minded– It’s a company run by fearful women.

“You know what I mean?

“And there were always like, you know, second-tier people who were hassling my producers.

“But no one ever called me.

“I got along with everybody, but I mean, I think they knew like, the censorship, don’t welcome that.

“You know? So, but they never actually got in the way of anything.

“My view on the war in Ukraine was really, really hated.

“I could feel it,” Carlson revealed.

“And just saying that was considered, like, crazy pro-Kremlin propaganda, and they were very mad about that.

“But, to their credit, they never said anything to me about it directly.

“I could just smell it,” Carlson said.

“So I really just don’t have any complaints.

“Being humiliated in public, being fired — I have been a couple of times — is totally good for you in the end because it keeps you from thinking you’re Jesus or like, getting, like, ‘super crazy hubris guy,’ you know?”


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