BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Teams Up with Top U.S. Congresswoman (Video)

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(The Post Millennial) – Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Tuesday night to discuss being banned by Twitter earlier this week for “COVID misinformation,” even though her comments were supported by federal numbers. Carlson also called out Republican leadership for seemingly not doing anything about one of their own being banned by a tech platform.

Carlson asked, “…if they (Twitter) can take down a sitting President, silence him and now a sitting, one of the most popular judging by the polls, members of Congress, they can take down any Republican who strays outside the lines that they’ve drawn.”

Greene responded, “Well, that’s exactly what the American people know. And this is what our leadership should take seriously.”

“In our Republican conference, you see Americans are sick and tired of investigations that produce nothing. No one ever gets held accountable. No one ever goes to jail. We don’t have control right now. So Congress and Republicans in Congress can do nothing for the American people who have been silenced, but when a private company that is not elected by anyone in this country, declares war on a sitting member of Congress and a sitting President who happened to be both from the Republican party, it’s up to our leadership and it’s up to our conference to do something about it.”

Tucker replied, “Kevin McCarthy, California, super nice guy. He expects to be Speaker. He will, because Republicans are going to take control… he’s about to be really powerful. He issued a statement saying, ‘when we get power, we’re going to do something about section 230.'”

“I’m confused. Why wouldn’t a guy who thinks he should be Speaker of the House, be defending members of his own conference by calling up Twitter and saying, ‘You get her back on there right now or else we’re going to punish you. This is censorship and we’re not going to put up with it.’ How can you lead a political party if you can’t even do that?”

Greene responded, “Well, that’s what a lot of people are asking, but here’s the situation Tucker, I’m encouraging my entire conference… I’m asking all of them to leave Twitter because Twitter has declared declared war on our party. And what are we going to do? Just sit there and go, ‘oh, we’re going to wait until we get the majority back and then we’re going to have investigations. And then when we get full control, we’re going to pass laws to stop this?'”

“Nothing was done in the past and nothing has been done now. So what everyone needs to do is do what I did, I went to Gettr. I went to Gab, I went to Telegram. I think everyone should leave. And I’m asking my entire conference to do it because you know what? You don’t keep eating bad food at a restaurant that keeps serving it to you. You get up and leave and you go somewhere else where you’re treated well. And for right now, that’s what everyone needs to do while we have the freedom to do it.”

Carlson responded, “That’s it. That’s the answer. Great. And that’s a great analogy, but you’re one member…. where’s the leadership of your party? Why don’t they just say ‘no Republican in the House of Representatives is going to be using Twitter anymore? And we’re all migrating to companies that don’t hate us or are trying to censor us on the eve of a national election, which is coming up this year.'”

Greene answered, “Well, that’s what should be happening… I’m not used to people defending me. I’m used to having to defend myself and the reason why I’m going about it on my own and leaving and going to Gettr… is because I care about the American people. And I think they should do the same thing. We can make Twitter powerless when we all decide to leave, and that is how Republican leadership should be handling this.

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Carlson concluded, “…if Republican leadership with Kevin McCarthy can’t even defend you, he’s not going to defend the country… you defend your people. That’s what leadership is. And if you’re unwilling to defend your people, you’re not worthy of leadership.”

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