BREAKING: Waukesha Christmas Parade Killer FINALLY Meets Justice

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(SNews) – Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Dorow threw the book at Christmas Parade killer Darrell Brooks on Wednesday formally sentencing him to six consecutive life sentences for first-degree intentional homicide.

She also sentenced Brooks to 17 1/2 years for each of the 61 counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety for a total of 762 years of initial confinement and 305 years of extended supervision.

She also sentenced him to 25 years each for the six hit-and-run counts running concurrent to the reckless endangerment charges. In all, not including Brooks’ six life sentences, he was sentenced to more than 1,200 years including extended supervision.

Judge Dorow said:

“I don’t want there to be any doubt that this trial was missing something.

“I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Brooks is competent. That was something I was worried about at any time during this trial.”

“There is no medication for people who do evil.

“The bottom line is that none of that caused you to do what you did on Nov. 21, 2021.”

The judge got emotional when she discussed the injuries to the children.

“These are just some of the highlights, I should call them lowlights, about what people testified. When Jane Kulich was on (Brooks’) vehicle, and then he braked to get her off that vehicle, to run her over again.”

“The seriousness of this offense can be summed up in one word: attack.

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“He chose to drive recklessly, maliciously and viciously.

“We may never know the true why, but we were provided by nothing today, other than a feeble attempt to claim mental health.

“I searched for a mitigating factor. I waited for a true apology. I didn’t get it.

“This is one of the most aggravating cases I have ever presided over.

“Frankly, Mr. Brooks, no one is safe from you,” Dorow said

In a rambling nearly two-hour statement Brooks said:

“I want everyone to know, including the community of Waukesha, not only am I sorry for what happened, but that you could not see what was truly in my heart and all the tears that I dropped.

“It’s not me who can take any pain away, replace what is lost and bring back joy. I think all that comes with belief in Christ, and all that comes with time. It’s a process that we all have to go through.”

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