Breaking: WH Throws Kamala Harris Under Bus

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(SNews) – The White House is now claiming the cocaine was found “in a much more secure place, near the Situation Room” and next to “where, for example, the vice president’s vehicle is parked” according to a new MSNBC report. (See Video Below)

The entire world knows Joe Biden is desperate to get rid of Kamala Harris because she is his biggest weakness. Biden can’t get through a sentence without embarrassing himself and the nation.

He shows his age every single time they let him step in front of cameras. A viote for Biden is a vote for Kamala, although most voters have not accepted this reality.

But they will. When we go to the polls the choice will be made clear and if Biden doesn’t swap her out with a more popular running mate, she will sink him.

Throwing Kamala under the bus to the always Dem-friendly MSNBC may be the first move in the game to get a new running mate for Biden. It is possible the reporter slipped up when she mentioned the VP, but they rarely go off script so it is raising questions.

Mark Morgan, a former FBI agent and acting commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection Agency, added more mystery to the story when he said it should take the U.S. Secret Service 30 minutes to figure out how cocaine came into the White House.

Morgan said: “I was there countless times.

“I put my cell phone in that exact box that they’re talking about.

“I know it well.

“Oftentimes, there is a marine that’s standing there.

“This literally should take them about 30 minutes to solve.

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“Everybody that comes in, not just the White House grounds, but also everybody that comes into that space, right, where you have to check that cell phone, they’re accounted for.

“There’s a manifest.

“There are cameras.

“I could go on.

“This literally should take them about 30 minutes to figure out whose cocaine it was.”

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