Breaking: White House Coke Scandal Blows Wide Open

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(SNews) – The White House cocaine scandal just blew wide open. Now NBC is reporting the mystery cocaine was “found one floor below the main West Wing offices and the same floor as the Situation Room and a dining area. The entrance is near where some vehicles, like the vice president’s limo or SUV park.”

This is an area an MSNBC reporter said “wasn’t necessarily covered by cameras all that well.” Unreal if true.

“We are doing everything possible to attempt to identify who may have brought this item into the White House,” Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. “And that includes every resource, that includes every option available to us or to the federal government.”

Administration spokesman Andrew Bates was asked: “If the Secret Service is able to determine the individual responsible, will the Secret Service and will the White House commit to transparency in this, in making that information public?”

“I’m going to defer to the Secret Service professionals who are carrying this out,” Bates said. “I’m just not going to engage on hypotheticals about it.”

“I would do a whole interview on everyone who had access to those rooms. I’m sure there are key fobs to that room,” an anonymous NYPD detective told the New York Post. “They would interview everyone and go from there. I’m sure there are cameras and everything there.”

“They could get DNA from it, but they have to get a hit.”

Mark Morgan, a former FBI agent and acting commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection Agency, added more mystery to the story when he said it should take the U.S. Secret Service 30 minutes to figure out how cocaine came into the White House.

Morgan said: “I was there countless times.

“I put my cell phone in that exact box that they’re talking about.

“I know it well.

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“Oftentimes, there is a marine that’s standing there.

“This literally should take them about 30 minutes to solve.

“Everybody that comes in, not just the White House grounds, but also everybody that comes into that space, right, where you have to check that cell phone, they’re accounted for.

“There’s a manifest.

“There are cameras.

“I could go on.

“This literally should take them about 30 minutes to figure out whose cocaine it was.”

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