BREAKING: Woman Steals Man’s Trump Sign… Gets Instant Karma! (VIDEO)

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More proof the left has completely lost their minds

(Infowars) – Footage shows a man confronting a deranged woman claiming to be from California after he reportedly caught her attempting to steal his Trump campaign sign.

“This guy caught a woman stealing Trump signs and confronted her!” reads a caption for a viral TikTok post of the video.


This guy caught a woman stealing Trump signs and confronted her! #trump #biden #trump2020 #biden2020 #election #vote #freakout #karen

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“Who are you?” the man asks the unhinged woman sitting in another vehicle.

“I’m from California!” she responds.

“You should go back!” he tells her.

“Yeah, I should go back,” she says, adding, “after I take all you pieces of crap down.”

The woman proceeds to own herself when she’s asked if she’s smoking meth and responds, “I don’t have to smoke anything to be stupid!”

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