Donald Trump Wins Election In Oregon

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(SNews) – Donald Trump has won a surprise election after voters put his name down as a write-in candidate on the Hubbard Fire District board ballot in Oregon.

The former president won a seat on the Hubbard Rural Fire Protection District after he and four other people received two votes each as write-in candidates in the May 16 vote.

Trump was declared the winner and was elected as the Hubbard Fire District Board Director Position No. 3 when the election, which ended in a tie, was decided by a roll of the dice.

Fire Chief Michael Kahrmann said, “The candidate who won the dice roll off was Donald Trump and because he doesn’t live or own property in the district, the next step would be to determine if either of the other two candidates who won the dice roll are interested.

“The next step for the Hubbard Fire District is to determine if any of the other candidates are interested in the position.

“There is a requirement that Board Directors must either live in or own property in the Hubbard Fire District,” he added.

Oregon’s Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess remarked “I’m not sure how the fire district is going to determine if Donald Trump or a Donald Trump owns property.

“The likelihood is probably not great since we don’t even have a Donald Trump registered in the county.

“It just shows the persnicketiness that we go through when people are doing write-ins.”

The district serves about 5000 residents in seven square miles of western Oregon.

The four other write-in candidates to have received four votes were Jerry Cox, Rocky Sherwood, Paula Smith and Bob Banks.

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According to Newsweek:

In the first of the 12-sided dice rolling decider, representatives for Smith, Sherwood and Trump each rolled a 10. The former president’s stand-in then rolled a 12 in the second round, resulting in him winning the election.

The Hubbard Rural Fire Protection District will determine if Trump will be eligible to have a seat on their board.

The chances are unlikely due to the requirement that board directors must either live in or own property in the district.

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