HAPPENING NOW: Mass Protests ERUPT – Biden Horrified

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(Big League Politics) – Medical tyranny has continued to propagate in New York state and especially NYC following massive initiatives to force experimental shots on Americans who do not want them. A recently announced mandate by the city of New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio implicates nearly all public employees into this push, including firefighters, police, EMS, teachers, and others.

A large amount of recently seen footage was posted to Twitter by The Columbia Bugle, a profile well-known for sharing news and posting ‘America First’ oriented political content.

Also featured by the group was timelapse footage put together by RSBN network showing just how massive a pro-freedom anti-mandate crowd in New York City had gotten during a march. The slowed-down clip shows footage panning through a seemingly endless line of marching American patriots for about a minute and a half.

Marchers were seen chanting “USA! USA! USA!” throughout the event.

Other phrases seen shouted in the videos included “F*ck the mandates,” “We will not comply! We will not comply,” and the displaying of a “F*ck Joe Biden” sign.

The deadline for vaccination for thousands of New York City municipal workers to take the COVID-19 shots including firefighters, police officers, teachers, and sanitation workers, is reportedly set for 5 pm on October 29.

“There’s a lot of people here,” Joe DiGiacomo, a protestor seen at today’s event said to a camera. “De Blasio, you better make up your mind.”

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