Houston-Area Nightclub Planning “Mask Off Party” on Wednesday

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(Big League Politics) – A nightclub in Houston, Texas, is planning a “Mask Off Party” on Wednesday—the day Texas’ statewide mask mandate will no longer be in effect.

The nightclub hosting the event is Concrete Cowboy. They promoted it through what appears to be either Facebook or Instagram stories:

Many Houston city leaders are begging Concrete Cowboy to cancel the event.

“Let me just encourage people in the strongest of terms, past Wednesday, please keep your masks on,” Houston mayor Sylvester Turner said. “I’ve seen some fliers about the mask off parties and I don’t even get it. We are not at a normal state at this point in time.”

“Let me just encourage people to kind of slow down. Be patient a little bit longer. Let’s make sure we get the vaccines in people’s arms before we open the gates and start acting as if everything is fine,” he added.

State Rep. Ann Johnson also said that “having a mask off party in the middle of a city that has every potential variant of the COVID disease spreading is not only irresponsible but deadly.”

Johnson also partly blamed Gov. Greg Abbott, adding that “this ‘mask off’ party shows the worst potential of the governor saying ‘Do what you want to do.’ There’s a reason that a mandate has been imposed: allowing individuals like this to try to make a profit in this moment can lead to the kind of devastating loss of life we’ve seen.”

Concrete Cowboy nightclubs can also be found in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Frisco, though it is unclear whether similar events will take place at those locations too.


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