HUGE: Trump’s new TRUTH Social platform skyrockets to #1

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(The Post Millennial) – The official Presidents’ Day release of President Donald Trump’s new TRUTH Social saw tens of thousands of people flock to join the pro-free speech platform.

While the demand exists for people to use it, the Trump-branded platform itself is working through a massive waitlist of social media users hoping to join. Many have attempted to sign up for TRUTH Social through this past weekend.

The management over at wished good luck to their competitor as TRUTH Social dealt with the initial wave of publicity and attention.

But as reported by Bloomberg, Error 1020 by Cloudflare acts as a damper on the userbase’s enthusiasm to get people to hop on board.

However, high-profile figures like Liz Willis, Wendy Rogers, Travis Tritt, Steven Crowder, Madison Cawthorn, and the conservative RSBN Network have been able to sign up for Trump’s product in the last week. This serves as an indicator that the newest social media site is gradually bringing in more people.

It was earlier this year that Trump’s new social media platform announced their debut on Monday, Feb. 21. It was something in the works throughout 2021 as a remedy to the censorship that the former Republican president faced on the so-called “mainstream” sites. In the time since then, TRUTH Social has secured a distribution deal with YouTube alternative Rumble.

CNN’s Brian Stelter pounced on the news by calling it “a new chapter of the war on truth.”

Oliver Darcy highlighted the difficulties he had in signing up as the site experiences errors during its initial wave of public availability

It was last December that former Congressman Devin Nunes announced his retirement from Congress to join Trump’s media company.

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In a recent interview with Fox News, TV personality Maria Bartiromo asked the former politician to explain the process more. The way Nunes described the introductory approach was slowly bringing on more people daily.

“It’s such a great opportunity for President Trump, for me, for our whole team,” he told the show host. Nunes said there’s an air of excitement around the product, especially for the crowds censored off of social media in the last two to three years.

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