John McAfee’s Suicide Note Found

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(The Post Millennial) – A suicide note was found in John McAfee’s pocket, following his death last week in a Spanish prison.

This comes after McAfee was found dead last Wednesday, hours after Spanish courts allowed for his extradition to the United States, the Daily Mail reports.

The 75-year-old tech mogul had been in a Spanish prison after being arrested in October 2020 at Barcelona Airport. A warrant for McAfee had been put out by Tennessee prosecutors, as he had allegedly evaded over $4 million in taxes.

His apparent death by suicide shocked many across the globe, including his wife Janice McAfee, who blamed US Authorities for his suicide.

“I blame the U.S. authorities for this tragedy: Because of these politically motivated charges against him, my husband is now dead.”

According to her, they had a plan in place to appeal the decision. Janice also added, “I don’t believe he did this, I will get answers.”

Many had found John McAfee’s death suspicious, especially due to a series of tweets he made in late 2020, and early 2021, including one where he said he would not die of suicide.

McAfee had also gotten a tattoo in November 2019, after claiming US government officials were coming for him.

An investigation into his death is ongoing, and there remains no proof that McAfee was murdered. On the topic of his suicide note, the source who made the revelation refused to comment on its content.

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