JUST IN: Biden Admin REFUSES to Stand with Top Ally

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(The Post Millennial) – Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken sidestepped inquiries from CNN host Dana Bash over the Biden administration’s position on defending Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.

Asked if the United States was committed to the defense of Taiwan’s sovereign government, Blinken said the administration was committed to ensuring that “Taiwan has the means to defend itself, and we stand by that.”

By all standards, Blinken’s boilerplate response failed to answer whether America would directly commit to a defense of the island nation, which has come under increasing threat by the Chinese communist government, whose “One China” policy regards Taiwan as a breakaway province without regards to its independence.

“Are you now saying that the United States would not come to Taiwan’s defense if attacked?” Bash asked. “Can you be specific, yes or no?”

“Dana, again, what I can tell you is that we remain committed, resolutely committed, to our responsibilities under the Taiwan Relations Act, including making sure that Taiwan has the ability to defend itself from any aggression,” Blinken replied.

“The president said specifically that the U.S. would [defend Taiwan],” Bash continued. “That’s not what you’re saying, correct?”

“The president has for a long time, including when he was a senator voting for the Taiwan Relations Act, made clear that we will do everything necessary to make sure that Taiwan has the means to defend itself,” Blinken answered.

During the CNN town hall, President Joe Biden claimed that the US would defend Taiwan; the White House has since walked back Biden’s statement “committing” the US to defend Taiwan if China attacked the island.


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