JUST IN: Biden Gets HUMILIATED in His OWN State!

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(Slay News) – Democrat President Joe Biden has been humiliated by his own state after a new poll shows he is now underwater in Delaware.

Civiqs poll found that Biden’s approval rating is now underwater by 3 points in Delaware.

In April, he was hovering at 50 percent.

However, Biden’s popularity among voters continues to sink lower the more America sees of him.

Biden’s favorability rating in Delaware is just 46 percent.

His disapproval rating is 49 percent.

Biden had a 62% approval in Delaware last year but he has fallen off the cliff this month.

The Democrat president is underwater in 41 states.

The states Biden holds a net positive approval rating are Vermont, California, Washington, New York, and Maryland.

In Rhode Island, Biden’s net approval rating is just +3 points.

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In Illinois, Biden’s net approval rating is +1.

Biden’s highest disapproval rating is in Wyoming (77 percent) and West Virginia (75 percent).


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