JUST IN: Chicago 911 Dispatcher Comes Forward – Totally EXPOSES Liberal Mayor

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(Slay News) – A Chicago 911 dispatcher has resigned in disgust over the failings of his city’s Democratic leadership.

Keith Thornton Jr., went “Fox & Friends First” to denounce Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Kim Foxx, and other “woke” city officials for not supporting law enforcement.

He warned that the leaders of Chicago are lying to residents and have ruined a great city in less than three years.

“There is no transparency from the city hall here in Chicago and just a very negligent administration,” Thornton said on national television.

“It was just time. I’m tired of it.

“Constantly every week, every other day, they’re saying that the stats are down with violent crime and people shot and homicides.

“Listen, being on the other side of the radio as a dispatcher in Chicago, I’m like, this is nonsense. I don’t stand for that. This is wrong.

“We’re supposed to tell these citizens a bunch of fluff that we have resources and police coming and there’s hours and hours before we can get an officer to many of the scenes throughout the city,” he said.

Thornton said Lightfoot is spreading “lies” and that crime has never been this bad in the city.


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Thornton is not alone in his criticisms, however.

Cops are leaving the force in droves and replacements are hard to find.

Prosecutors are leaving too because the leaders of this city have chosen the side of the criminals over the law-abiding citizens.

James Murphy III, a veteran Chicago prosecutor, also resigned in disgust.

“As young ASAs we are taught that the job of a prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely convictions,” he said in his blistering resignation letter.

“This Administration is more concerned with political narratives and agendas than with victims and prosecuting violent crime.

“That is why I can’t stay any longer,” he wrote.


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