JUST IN: Chinese Communist Party PRAISES Biden’s Attacks On American Business

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(Slay News) – The Chinese Communist Party is praising Democrat President Joe Biden’s latest attacks against American businesses.

China’s brutal dictatorship was responding to Biden’s Saturday warning to U.S. companies over gas prices.

In a post on Twitter, Biden’s handlers issued a demand for “the companies running gas stations” to lower their prices.

“My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril,” Biden’s official Twitter account wrote.

“Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product. And do it now.”

In response, a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) state-controlled propaganda media praised Biden’s comments.

Chen Weihua, the EU bureau chief of CCP-run China Daily, applauded Biden for criticizing capitalism.

“Now US President finally realized that capitalism is all about exploitation,” Weihua wrote.

“He didn’t believe this before.”

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To make matters worse for Biden, a number of prominent figures have since humiliated the president by criticizing his economic analysis.

Many point out that the market forces, rather than gas station owners, set the price of gasoline.

As Slay News earlier reported, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos shredded Biden’s “deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.”

“Ouch,” Bezos wrote in response to Biden’s tweet on gas prices.

“Inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this.

“It’s either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.”

“Yesterday, Biden accused gas stations of over-charging, but their prices reflect the price of gasoline set by the market, and the market reflects the lack of supply which was created by Biden killing both oil & refinery expansion,” journalist and author Michael Shellenberger tweeted.

“The market sets the price at the pump, not the gas stations,” The Federalist’s Erielle Davidson wrote.

“How are you this economically illiterate. How.”


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