JUST IN: Colin Kaepernick RETURNS, Tries To Smear Top Republican

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(SNews) – Colin Kaepernick surfaced to try to smear House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and failed miserably. Colin has a new Hulu documentary out called Killing County. It’s described by Kaepernick as “one of the most powerful projects I’ve been involved with.”

It is directed by Michaela Dowd, narrated by André Holland, and executive produced by Kaepernick and Robe Imbriano. The documentary investigates the death of Jorge Ramirez in 2013 following a shootout with several police officers in a hotel parking lot. Ramirez was an alleged informant for Bakersfield Police.

The synopsis says: “The series takes a look at Bakersfield, a big city with the soul of a small town deep in California’s heartland, where things are not always what they seem. A deadly hotel shooting makes the Ramirez family question everything they know about their town.

“Desperate to find out what really happened to their loved one, they soon learn they are not alone in their tragedy and fight for the truth.

“Killing County is a story of twists and turns, alleged corruption and cover-up. Raising the question: who do you turn to when the ones who are supposed to serve and protect you are the ones you can’t trust,” the synopsis says.

“I knew the homicide rate in Bakersfield was high,” says a woman during the trailer. “I didn’t really know what that meant until I got here.”

“They’re not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner,” says another woman in the trailer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

“Ramirez’s family details how the decision to “call the cops on the cops,” evolved into a concerted effort by them and others in the town to address the “deadliest law enforcement in the country per capita,” with the most officer-involved shootings in the country.

“Former police officers — including one who was valorized but involved in illegal drug operations, along with other families affected by local police shootings and experts come together to unravel how alleged corruption and cover-ups have plagued the town.

“It also traces how the community pushes back with protests and calls for accountability, as one of Ramirez’s family members is seen asking, “Who holds these people accountable?”

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So you may be wondering what in the hell does this have to do with Speaker McCarthy? According to Colin, the “crime thriller” takes place in ‘Kevin McCarthy’s district.’

That’s it. By that logic is Barack Obama responsible for the mayhem in Chicago?

Trying to smear McCarthy over what happens in his district is a new low even Kaepernick.

Colin said:

“A true crime thriller we made set in Kevin McCarthy’s district. The highest homicide rate.

“The most crime. The most police executions. Welcome to Killing County.”


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