Just In: Dan Bongino Tears Into Far-left Writer Stephen King

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(SNews) – Dan Bongino has fired back at Stephen King after the horror author accused the conservative commentator of throwing a temper tantrum.

King claimed Bongino was acting “like a child” by pointing out what Democrat leaders have in store for America.

It is hard to argue with Bongino’s point, however.

So rather than debate the issue, King took the low road and insulted Bongino.

But Bongino is not the sort of guy who will just roll over when someone attacks him.

Bongino can give as good as he gets, if not better.

In a post on Twitter/X, Bongino said: “Vote Democrat in the coming election and you’re absolutely voting for more COVID tyranny.

“Lockdowns, face diapers, closures, jab edicts, and more.

“It’s ALL on their menu. Bank on it.”

Stephen King responded by saying: “You’re like a child doing a tantrum, Dan.”

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Bongino said: “Dude, please stop clout-chasing off my account.

“You were once a respected writer.

“Now you’re a barking chihuahua ankle-biting me for attention.

“I respond because I enjoy taunting an obese, decaying meat puppet like you and knowing you can’t do jack sh*t about it other than b*tch on Twitter.

“Now, kindly go f*ck yourself and get back to your porn collection.



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