JUST IN: Democrats Get HORRIBLE News… Time To Panic

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(Slay News) – The Democrats suffered a devastating night in local elections across the country yesterday as voter backlash is emerging against the party.

In what appears to be the beginning of the red wave, the GOP flipped key seats in critical swing states, spelling doom for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden.

Greg Price, a digital strategist at XStrategies, responded to the results, saying: “In 2016, Trump was the first Republican to win Kenosha County since Nixon.

“In 2020, he won it again and increased his margin of victory.

“Now, Kenosha just elected its first Republican County Executive.

“Let the red wave begin.”

The Election Wizard Twitter account which closely tracks elections said of the GOP victories last night: “ELECTION ALERT: Samantha Kerkman becomes the first-ever Republican Kenosha County Executive.

“Manitowoc school board flips completely to conservatives.

“Conservative candidates have won all three City of Waukesha (Wisconsin) School Board seats, knocking off two liberal incumbents.

“Looks like a backlash is underway in Wisconsin tonight.

“Republicans/conservatives are crushing the local elections.

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“ELECTION ALERT: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin — Three conservative ‘Moms on a Mission’ have swept the three school board seats in Menomonee Falls, ousting two liberal incumbents.

“ELECTION ALERT: Maria Lazar has defeated incumbent Lori Kornblum, a Gov. Evers (D) appointee, in a Wisconsin Court of Appeals election. Kornblum was backed by the Wisconsin Democratic Party and labor unions.

“ELECTION ALERT: Two anti-CRT candidates, Kelly Byrne and Steve Makoski, have unseated an incumbent and won the election for Springfield, Missouri School Board. Byrne and Makoski were opposed by the teacher’s union and local Chamber of Commerce.

“Very encouraging election results last night. People are engaged and taking back control of their local communities.

“So far, Democrats are in trouble EVERYWHERE tonight.

“They’re getting torn to shreds in these local elections.”

From Kenosha News:

Samantha Kerkman defeated Rebecca Matoska-Mentink in Tuesday’s Spring Election to become the next Kenosha County executive.

In unofficial results, Kerkman, of Salem Lakes, received 14,693 votes, or 51.32% of the vote. Matoska-Mentink, of Pleasant Prairie, received 13,886, or 48.5% of the vote.

Kerkman, 47, the sitting state representative of the 61st Assembly District, will be the fifth county executive in Kenosha County history and the first woman to hold the seat.


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