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(SNews) – Twitter boss Elon Musk has revealed that his cousin, who he describes as “young & in peak health,” has been hospitalized with a “serious case of myocarditis” after receiving a “booster shot.”

Musk broke the news in a series of posts late on Friday evening.

He was commenting on new data that shows large numbers of Americans say they have suffered side effects after receiving Covid jabs.

The data was shared on Twitter by author Scott Adams on Friday.

Musk responded to the post by revealing that he suffered “major side effects” after receiving his “second booster shot.”

“I had major side effects from my second booster shot,” Musk tweeted.

“Felt like I was dying for several days.

“Hopefully, no permanent damage, but I dunno.”

Musk then followed up by revealing that his “young” cousin, who is in “peak health,” suffered myocarditis.

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Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart which is listed as a possible side effect of some coronavirus vaccines.

It can cause heart attacks and strokes and lead to death, according to Mayo Clinic.

“And my cousin, who is young & in peak health, had a serious case of myocarditis,” Musk said.

“Had to go to the hospital.”

In a third post, Musk explained it was not his choice to get the second booster but was a requirement to visit a Tesla location in Berlin, Germany.

“Was required to visit Tesla Giga Berlin. Not my choice,” he said.

In yet another post, Musk explained he had no issues with receiving the initial Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the first mRNA booster.

“I had OG C19 before vaccines came out and it was basically a mild cold. Then had J&J vaccine with no bad effects, except my arm hurt briefly,” he tweeted.

The Tesla founder added: “First mRNA booster was ok, but the second one crushed me.”


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