Just In: Florida Doctors Walk Out of Hospitals in “Protest”

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(Big League Politics) – 75 doctors affiliated with several hospitals in South Florida staged a walkout protest against their unvaccinated patients, pointing to what they claim is a surge of hospitalizations.

The protest, while brief, may represent a violation of the Hippocratic Oath, in which doctors pledge to ‘do no harm’ to their patients and act in the interest of their well-being. Staging protests could potentially leave emergency rooms unstaffed, with patients who are vaccinated and unvaccinated alike jeopardized. Doctors are obligated to provide the same quality of treatment to unvaccinated Americans as they are the vaccinated, and may be unaware of health conditions and compelling reasons that preclude vaccination.

The doctors also indicated that more children have been hospitalized from the delta variant of coronavirus in recent weeks, raising questions about the practicality of using a vaccine designed for adults on children who ordinarily don’t incur serious coronavirus infections.

It’s a good idea for most people to get the vaccine, although there are genuine exceptions, and healthcare decisions such as vaccinations are between individuals and their doctors. These sorts of protests do little more than jeopardize the credibility of the medical community, and are the latest in a series of ill-advised stunts in which doctors and nurses adopt the guise of partisan leftist agitators.


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