JUST IN: Ford Auto Workers REVOLT – Will Not Comply (Video)

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(Big League Politics) – The Ford Motor Company is moving forward with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate despite a recent walkout of hundreds of employees that took place on Wednesday.

Hundreds of Ford workers were joined by workers in other automotive companies, such as General Motors and Chrysler, for the successful walkout protest that occurred at the GM Tech Center in Warren.

A clip from the protest can be seen here:

Despite the protest, the Ford Motor Company has announced they are continuing with their plans to institute COVID-19 vaccine mandates in order to coerce their employees into submission for the experimental jab.

Big League Politics has received a letter from a Ford whistleblower sent by corporate leaders to workers declaring that “most U.S. salaried employees will be required to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, 2021.”

“The science and the data tell us the vaccines offer critical protection against COVID-19 and its variants and our goal continues to be for all of our team members who can, to be vaccinated,” they stated, noting that “we must continue to do everything we can to protect each other” to justify the vaccine coercion.

The whistleblower, speaking to Big League Politics under the condition of anonymity for fear of repercussion, said that the internal email had “no mention of unpaid leave,” and workers were forced to hear on the news that the noncompliant would be placed on unpaid leave.

In order to receive the personal medical information from Ford employees, they threatened negative performance reviews and the reduction of bonuses. Now, they have what they need from most workers in order to enforce vaccine mandates.

“Please continue to navigate through this period in a manner reflective of our values. In particular, ensure your team members feel they have been treated with empathy and respect,” Ford sent in their email threatening employees in order to obtain their medical records.

The whistleblower pointed out that Ford is doing the federal government’s bidding in order to secure BEV subsidies from the Biden regime, which are part of the infrastructure package that was approved by Congress on Friday.

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The White House and Democrats in Congress are dangling $555 billion in tax breaks and other special bonuses related to the production of electric vehicles in front of Ford. The whistleblower believes this is the 30 pieces of silver that Ford is taking to sell out their workers.

“Ford is going along with this mandate, so they can get all that government BEV money. They’re selling out their employees for a payday from the government. We were all so proud when Alan Mulally and Ford did not take a government bailout in 2008. We aren’t proud anymore,” the whistleblower said.


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