Just In: Former Fox Host Loses It Over Tucker Carlson

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(SNews) – Former Fox News star Geraldo Rivera threw a temper tantrum about Tucker Carlson but was humiliated by random people on the Internet.

Recently, Carlson has become Rivera’s favorite target, which got him booted from “The Five.”

Rivera’s attacks against Carlson after his firing from Fox News led to a deeper divide with other network hosts.

That divide, specifically between Greg Gutfeld and Rivera, saw Geraldo fired from “The Five.”

Rivera apparently hasn’t learned his lesson and is now doubling down on his attacks against Carlson.

During Carlson’s recent episode of his new Twitter show, he called out globalist leaders for facilitating the war in Ukraine to gain more power for themselves, as Slay News reported.

“Due respect to Tucker Carlson, but he’s as full of sh*t about Ukraine as he was about January 6th,” Geraldo said.

“His smiley face doesn’t change the fact Russia invaded sovereign Ukraine; 1000’s are dead, including women & children, the world order is assailed and Putin is a punk.”

Twitter users let Geraldo have it:

“Geraldo you are wrong about both…. Ukraine and Jan 6th. P.S. A mustache is dirtier than a dog’s a**.”

“Look at the man in the mirror Geraldo. America has zero business being involved in this war period. Both countries are corrupt and both leaders are corrupt but heck so is Joe Biden.”

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“This crap is going to get Americans and our children laying dead in the streets.”

“I’d rather have Putin as my neighbor than you Geraldo.”

“Are you still around and butt-hurt that Tucker Carlson is wildly more successful than you ever thought of being?”

This came after Carlson praised President Donald Trump during an appearance on Russell Brand’s “Stay Free” podcast on Friday.

“I”m struck by his foreign policy views,” Carlson said.

“Trump is the only person with stature in the Republican Party, really, who is saying, ‘Wait a second why are we supporting an endless war in Ukraine?’

“I’m so grateful that he has the position,” he added.

“He’s right, and everyone in Washington is wrong … Trump is right on that question … He is saying true things about Ukraine and God bless him.”

Tucker said about Jan. 6:

“I had no thought in my head as I watched this happen on television and in the subsequent weeks that U.S. law enforcement or military agencies had anything to do with it.

“That never crossed my mind. I never thought there was a false flag or anything like that.

“I’m not a conspiracist by temperament.

“I never thought that.

“And then I interviewed the chief of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund in an interview that was never aired on Fox.

“But Steven Sund was the totally non-political chief… of the Capitol Police on January 6th.

“He said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah that crowd was filled with federal agents’,” Carlson said.


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