JUST IN: Green Agenda Alarmists Demand Big Tech CENSOR Conservatives

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(Slay News) – Several global warming alarmist groups and advocates for the radical green agenda have launched a pressure campaign demanding that Big Tech companies ban so-called “climate disinformation.”

On Tuesday, a coalition of climate alarmism advocacy groups wrote a letter to the CEOs of major social media platforms and demanded that they censor dissenting views.

According to the letter, Big Tech must stop the spread of “climate disinformation” by censoring information such as user’s posts and blocking links to reports that question the green agenda narrative.

The letter – signed by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and 12 other environmental and public advocacy groups – is addressed to the CEOs of Facebook, TikTok, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

It claims that “disinformation” should be censored because it “undermines” the government’s ability to efficiently and effectively respond to the climate.

The coalition asserted that social media companies are directly responsible for “amplifying and perpetuating” the so-called “disinformation.”

The platforms should be completely transparent to show the “exact extent” of the alleged damage done, the environmentalists insist.

According to the letter, social media platforms will be forced to follow the guidelines of the coalition following the approval of the Digital Services Act (DSA).

The coalition urges the platforms to “fulfill their obligations” and agree to its terms before the DSA takes effect.

The platforms are advised to “commit to including climate disinformation as a separately-acknowledged category in its reporting and content moderation policies in and outside of the EU,” the letter said.

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“More specifically, we urge platforms to commit to recognizing climate disinformation as a specific reason within the statement required under DSA Article 15(1), and include data on content moderation decisions related to climate disinformation as stated under Article 23.”

The platforms “owe it to their users and the planet” to stop amplifying climate disinformation that undermines the coalitions’ ability to combat the climate crisis, the letter said.

The letter ended by informing each CEO that a written response and signature are required after conforming to the coalition’s new standards.

Starting in 2020, many social platforms began to change how they moderate climate change after years of a hands-off approach.

Facebook and Google’s YouTube promised to reduce the spread of posts that question “climate science.”

Pinterest said it would ban the content altogether.

Critics argued that the platforms have struggled to enforce these rules, however.

Facebook’s hub for the official narrative on climate information was barely visited.


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