JUST IN: Hollywood Celebrity Melts DOWN Over Trump’s 2024 White House Bid

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(SNews) – Hollywood star Bette Midler is not happy former President Donald Trump is running for the White House again. She took to social media to voice her displeasure with the news saying it made her sick.

She said after Trump made his announcement from the ballroom at Mar-a-Lago: “Excuse me. I’m going to be sick.” She added, “He just handed us two more years of his #delusions and #drivel. #unbearable.”

She said when the New York Post took a few swipes at Trump in what many are calling a Rupert Murdoch vs. Donald Trump feud: “I’m getting goosebumps! I may have to subscribe!”

Elise Stefanik said: “I fully support him running again. Under his presidency, America was strong at home and abroad, our economy was red hot, our border was secure, our neighborhoods were safe, our law enforcement was respected, and our enemies feared us.”

Jim Jordan said: “President Trump did more of what he said he’d do than any President in our lifetime. Period.”

Trump said: “Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and my fellow citizens, America’s comeback starts right now. I am running because I believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be.

“We have not reached that pinnacle. Believe it or not. In fact, we can go very far. We’re going to have to go far first. We have to get out of this ditch.

“The Washington establishment wants to silence us, but we will not let them do that.

“What we have built together over the past six years is the greatest movement in history.

“I will keep America out of foolish and unnecessary foreign wars, just as I did for four straight years.

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“We will again have peace through strength.

“That’s all it is.

“As events overseas have shown, to protect our people from the unthinkable threat of nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles.

“The United States must also build a state of the art next generation missile defense shield.

“We need it. The power of these missiles and the power of a word that I refused to say: Nuclear.

“We have to have it. We need a defense shield.

“To further drain the swamp, I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress.

“It’s time.

“And I will ask for a permanent ban on taxpayer funding of campaigns, a lifetime ban on lobbying by former members of Congress.

“I will ensure that Joe Biden does not receive four more years in 2024. Our country could not take that. And I say that not in laughter, I say that in tears. Our country could not take four more years. It can only take so much.

“Because of all of our great congressmen and congresswomen, we have taken over Congress. Nancy Pelosi has been fired, isn’t that nice?


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