Just In: Hotel CAVES Under Pressure… BANS Top Conservative

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(Big League Politics) – An event venue in Oregon canceled its hosting of the Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk Tour on Wednesday after receiving violent threats from Antifa and other far-left activists. Charlie Kirk’s Critical Racism Tour was planned to start Wednesday night, but the Holiday Inn Express Eugene Springfield sent the an email that morning stating they were canceling the event.

“After careful consideration, we have made the decision to not allow tonight’s event to proceed at our hotel. We apologize for the short notice, and are making this decision out of an abundance of caution for the safety and security of our staff and guests,” Vice President of Operations Terry Goldman said in an email.

“The event has garnered a great deal of attention from multiple organizations and we unfortunately we do not have the level of staffing available to ensure a secure event,” Goldman continued in the announcement.

The Post Millenial obtained emails from the correspondence showing the cancellation.

Turning Point USA reportedly said that this is the fifth venue in Oregon to cancel hosting Charlie Kirk over the last few weeks, with the same previously happening with two churches, an event center, and two hotels when including today’s events.

“The irony is that as Charlie Kirk trends on Twitter for denouncing political violence, Antifa has been threatening violence against event staff at venues that attempt to host TPUSA’s campus tour stops. 5 different venues have now canceled as a result of Antifa’s coordinated campaign of violent harassment, including the most recent cancellation on the day of the event in Eugene, Oregon. So while Democrats attempt to criminalize mainstream conservative ideas and personalities who denounce violence, they empower actual violent extremists [sic] in their midst by failing to renounce groups like Antifa. The double standard is shameful and it’s tearing the country apart,” said Turning Point USA spokesman Andrew Kolvet.

Today’s events do not mark the first time that Kirk or others have had violence threatened by far-left extremists as retribution for engaging in speech they do not approve of, with Motion Church in Puyallup, Washington, canceling Kirk’s speaking engagement back in April. The event was stopped before it could start after an Antifa group threatened to create an autonomous zone around the venue and promised to engage in violence towards both the church leadership and its members.


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