Just In: Jim Jordan Checkmates Joe Biden

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(SNews) – GOP Rep Jim Jordan cut through the noise surrounding the bombshell trstimony of Biden family business partner Devon Archer.

Jordan said: “The value Hunter Biden brought to the business arrangement was the Biden brand, and the Biden brand was Joe Biden, a powerful political figure in D.C.

“Joe Biden said that he was not involved. Never knew anything about it.

“Never interacted with the business, while he was at two dinners in Georgetown while he was vice president. And at one of those dinners was Yelena Baturina.

“He spent the dinner there.

“Those are some new facts I think raise concerns.

“If at some point it’s necessary … that we have to go to an impeachment inquiry … he’s [McCarthy] is willing to do that.

“But right now, it’s incumbent upon us to get our work done and do what the Constitution requires.”


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