JUST IN: Joe Biden Hit With MASSIVE Lawsuit

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(Slay) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton dropped the hammer and filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s Administration for lifting Title 42, which Paxton said is going to cause border crossing to soar.

Paxton said: “Biden’s repeal of Title 42 is going to be a complete disaster for Texas & the whole nation. It’s one of the Dems’ most destructive decisions so far—and that’s really saying something. I’ll use all my power to ensure the floodgates of illegal aliens doesn’t explode open—again.”

The complaint says: “The Defendants now seek to eliminate their Title 42 border-control measures, which are the only rules holding back a devastating flood of illegal immigration. But they failed to follow the Administrative Procedure Act in attempting this destructive rescission of Title 42.

“Without justification or concern for Texans, the Defendants unlawfully disregarded the APA’s notice-and-comment requirements, refused to consider numerous factors of crucial importance to their rulemaking, and laid bare the incoherence of their decision-making.

“The Biden Administration’s disastrous open border policies and its confusing and haphazard COVID-19 response have combined to create a humanitarian and public safety crisis on our southern border.”

“Those two programs have been the most effective at stopping people from coming into the country,” Paxton told a media outlet.

“This is huge for my state.

“We’re already overwhelmed given the fact that the Biden administration is ignoring federal law and every other aspect of immigration.

“This is the only thing we have left.”

“You know, they’re already pouring through.

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“This basically ends any kind of idea that there’s any border at all.”

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, who was named in the lawsuit, said earlier:: “You don’t use a health law to deal with a migration challenge. You use migration laws to deal with migration challenges.

“You can’t use the cover of health to try to deal with a migration challenge.”


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