JUST IN: Joe Rogan Issues BIG Election Prediction

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(SNews) – Massively popular podcaster Joe Rogan has predicted a huge red wave for the Republican Party in the 2022 midterm elections.

He argues that the Democrats’ bungling is “making Republicans” more popular.

Rogan likened the looming red wave to a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 1908 horror movie “The Shining.”

Speaking with comedian Bridget Phetasy on his hit podcast, Rogan said: “The red wave that’s coming is going to be like the elevator doors in ‘The Shining.’

“That’s what I think,” he continued.

“I think people are just like ‘what the f**k are you saying?’

“They’re making Republicans.”

“I don’t know how they’re doing it,” Phetasy said.

“I had a family member who is a boomer and a die-hard liberal, and they told me when I was home this summer that they would vote for DeSantis.”

“And I’m like, how did you lose this person?

“How did you lose this person?

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“This is a like go to the ballot and vote blue no matter what and you’ve lost even the boomers,” she said.



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