JUST IN: Kari Lake FIRES BACK After Facebook Tries To Shut Her Down

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(SNews) – Republican rockstar Kari Lake has fired back at Facebook after it emerged that the social media platform has been censoring her.

Lake took to Twitter to reveal that Facebook has applied a warning label to her page that discourages users from following her page and smears the Arizona gubernatorial candidate as someone who “repeatedly” shares “false information.”

Lake, who has recently been labeled “the most dangerous politician in America” by the corporate media, blasted Facebook for the move and accused the Big Tech giant of censoring her views.

She claimed that the Meta-owned platform has been removing her posts.

In a tweet, Lake called out Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“The Fake News called me ‘the most dangerous politician in America’ & apparently the Big Tech tyrants agree,” she tweeted.

“This Orwellian censorship doesn’t intimidate me one bit.

“I will never stop speaking the truth to the American people.

“So take your best shot, Zuckerberg. You don’t scare me.”

Lake has previously called for laws in Arizona that would stop social media platforms from censoring speech.

During an appearance on the Louder With Crowder show last year, Lake argued that Big Tech censorship of political “should be criminal.”

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“It is absolutely outrageous and it should be criminal to take somebody who’s running for office and take their voice away for political reasons,” Lake said.


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