JUST IN: Lauren Boebert Overrules Democrats, Makes EPIC Comeback

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(SNews) – Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has overruled her Democrat critics and has taken the lead in her incredibly tight re-election race.

She now leads Democrat challenger Adam Frisch by 386 votes.

Boebert issued a quick statement on her comeback saying: “Winning!”

With 98% of the votes counted, it’s still too close to call and it’s destined for a recount.

However, it is a good sign that Boebert has retaken the lead in the race after trailing Frisch by just a handful of votes.

DNC adviser and MSNBC analyst Kurt Bardella may now be eating his words after gloating about Boebert’s possible loss.

As Slay News reported earlier, Bardella was forced to apologize after insulting Boebert on MSNBC.

During an interview with Joy Reid, Bardella suggested Boebert should work via OnlyFans, causing a widespread backlash over the remark.

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He later issued an apology: “I appreciate your feedback and when someone from your vantage point weighs in – that warrants consideration and reflection.

“I’ll be more thoughtful about my words in the future.

“It is NEVER my intention to shame women. I apologize. Period.

“There is nothing wrong with consensual interactions on platforms like OnlyFans.

“Anyone suggesting otherwise in an effort to shame or judge really needs to examine their own perception of women and their autonomy.

“That said, I have zero appetite for the faux-outrage coming from the MAGA-ites because we all know they don’t give a rip about sexism, misogyny or equality.

“They are hypocrites of the first order.

“Just look at their standard-bearer.”

Boebert got the last laugh however when she fired back at Bardella:

“Liberals even suck at feminism.

“Can y’all do anything right?”


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