JUST IN: Liberal Mayor Tries To Blame Fox News For her MAJOR Failure

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(SNews) – Chicago Mayor blamed Fox News for her failure after the Dems in Chicago turned on her over conditions at one of the busiest airports in the world, O’Hare International Airport.

Democratic Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez went on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to call out the soon-to-ex-mayor after photos surfaced showing filthy homeless encampments inside the airport.

He said: “They’re not just urinating in the hallways. They’re taking baths in the toilets there. They’re making a mockery of what Chicago is here, and we understand that homelessness is a problem we must address.

“But making O’Hare Airport a homeless shelter for hundreds of people on a daily basis, when we’re trying to welcome people here, when we’re trying to encourage tourism, bring back the business clientele, bring back families to our city, and to only have them greeted by hundreds of homeless who have mental health issues, may be armed, may be not even be clothed, that’s not something that institutes a lot of confidence in our mayor, in our city.

“And clearly, she doesn’t care because she’s 17 miles away from it.

“We have to fight back for this city because we can’t allow what’s happening here to become the mainstay for every neighborhood and for every iconic part of Chicago, which is overrun by the homeless, overrun by gangs, overrun by criminality, and what should be a welcoming city to all the good law-abiding people who want to make this home.”

Lightfoot said of Fox News:

“They’re never going to portray our city in a favorable light.

“My understanding is those pictures are quite old.”

But then she gave up the game, reversed course, and said she would take action to rid the airport of the encampments.

“We have taken, and will continue to take, the steps that are necessary to move people out of the airports.

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“Airports are a very different place than on the street or under an underpass.

“It’s a secure location.

Lightfoot said she is working with the Chicago Police Department and the Department of Aviation to remove people from the terminals and get them access to resources.

“We absolutely, fundamentally, cannot have people sleeping in our airports who are homeless, that is unacceptable.

“And so we’re going to continue within the bounds of the law to do what is necessary to provide those folks with support but elsewhere. They can’t be in our airports,” she said.

Chicago reporter William Kelly told Fox News:

“I love Chicago with all my heart, and it absolutely breaks my heart to see Chicago essentially turn into the world’s largest open-air mental institution.

“Now, it’s not only the homeless people… but it’s… violent repeat offenders right back out on the street, and the law-abiding citizens are forced to just go along with this as if it’s normal.”

According to Block Club Chicago:

While O’Hare does not allow members of the public to be at the airport unless they are flying in or out or work at the airport, some people who stay at O’Hare told Block Club there’s an “unspoken rule” that if you keep to yourself and find a quiet corner, you may be unbothered by law enforcement or other officials.

Airport employees Vonkisha Chatman and Catherine Thompson told CBS, not Fox News, that they fear for their safety. “It’s out of control,” Chatman said. “None of us feel safe.” Chatman and Thompson work overnight hours as custodians at O’Hare.

“They will come up behind you. This one man followed us last night,” Thompson said.

“From the time we get here until the time we leave in the morning, they will be here.”

“They just tell us to be careful because it’s out of their hands, like they can’t do anything,” Chatman said of police who can’t intervene unless someone is physically touched.

The Chicago Department of Aviation said:

“The CDA is aware of the increasing population of unsheltered individuals at O’Hare International Airport.

“It’s a common occurrence at this airport and airports nationwide when temperatures drop in the winter months.

“The Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) and their delegate agencies continue to provide 24/7 outreach to unsheltered residents at O’Hare.

“Outreach professionals engage with individuals experiencing homelessness at O’Hare and conduct needs assessments.

“If the individual chooses to accept assistance, outreach professionals connect them with appropriate services and shelters, including necessary referrals and transportation.

“The CDA remains committed to working with its partners at the Chicago Fire Department (CFD), the Chicago Police Department (CPD), and other governmental and community-based organizations to support those in need and connect them with available resources in Chicago.”


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