JUST IN: Liberal Media Releases BOMBSHELL… Democrats In PANIC Mode

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(Slay News) – The Democrats are now basically tied with Republicans for the Hispanic vote, according to a new CBS report.

Democratic candidates usually beat their GOP counterparts by 20-40% among Hispanic voters.

The shift is widely considered to be a seismic shift in American politics.

With elections now coming down to the wire for most swing races, the Democratic Party is doomed if this trend continues.

Their winning coalition collapses if the GOP ties them with Hispanics because it is not sure where they can pick up votes considering their unpopular message.

Giancarlo Sopo broke down the CBS poll on social media.

He said: “A new CBS poll shows a statistical tie among Hispanics in the 2022 generic ballot. Context: Democrats won Hispanics by 40 points in 2018.”

“This is a seismic shift in American politics,” Sopo added.

“Hispanic voters are shifting to the right.

“If you want understand why, this analysis by @AgustinLaje is excellent.

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“To summarize, here are 3 reasons why Hispanics are shifting to the right (in no order): 1) Political: @Danielle_Alva and her team are great. The Democrats are incompetent. 2) Economics: Hispanics are upwardly mobile, don’t buy ‘inequity’ nonsense. 3) Cultural: No somos woke.”

Sopo continues: “More on the economic factors:

“The median Hispanic household earns about $55k, borderline working/middle-class.

“Many worked their way out of poverty.

“People at that stage are focused on getting ahead, not pronouns.

“It’s important to understand that Hispanics experienced major declines in poverty 2010-19.

“Concurrently, the Democrats shifted their messaging from pro-growth to ‘inequity.’

“Hispanics are upwardly mobile.

“The ‘inequity’ framework just doesn’t appeal to us.

“My family, like many, worked its way out of borderline poverty.

“I remember those years.

“My mom was focused on providing a better life for us, moving us out of a tiny duplex, launching a business, etc.

“The Democratic message is not appealing to people with those priorities,” he said.


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