JUST IN: Major News Company LOST – Forced to Pay Out Millions

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(Big League Politics) – Nicholas Sandmann, a Catholic pro-life student maligned by corporate news organizations after an altercation with a Native American protestor in 2019, has reached a defamation settlement with NBC News.

Sandmann announced the settlement on Friday afternoon. Exact terms of the settlement are confidential, but it’s likely Sandmann will receive a considerable financial payment from the corporate news entity.

The settlement represents the third of its kind Sandmann has obtained from mainstream media organizations. Sandmann previously settled lawsuits with CNN and the Washington Post, with both outlets agreeing to compensate Sandmann for their slanderous coverage of the youth. The establishment media had attempted to portray Sandmann as a “racist,” accusing him of harassing Nathan Philips, a man who approached him at the Lincoln Memorial and aggressively harassed him.

Winning a defamation lawsuit in the US court system is difficult, requiring a high burden of truth. It’s likely no coincidence that the establishment press has cried “uncle” to Sandmann with the condition of a confidential settlement, enabling them to escape embarrassment and any further well-deserved loss of journalistic credibility.

Sandmann has since made himself a presence in Republican politics, speaking at 2020’s Republican convention and working for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign in 2020.

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