JUST IN: Republican ARRESTED… He’s Ruined

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(The Post Millennial) – Derrick Evans, a Republican State Representative from West Virginia, has been charged by the FBI for entering a restricted area during the Capitol riots on Wednesday.

Evans, who is the delegate for West Virginia’s 19th state district, is reportedly still in FBI custody as of this writing and is expected to be released later in the day.

According to WV Metro News, Evans was just elected in the general elections in November, and decided to livestream himself as he joined the mob of extremist Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol in order to stall Congress as they were certifying the presidential election results.

One could see in the footage the newly elected official excitedly shouting “We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol.”

This case is one of 15 new cases initiated by the FBI on Friday, and brings the number of people charged to a total of 55.

“I just received word that we have now a signed complaint also against a delegate who serves in the West Virginia Legislature,” announced Ken Kohl, the federal official overseeing these cases.

“He has been charged — and, I think, according to reports had recorded himself storming the Capitol — he is charged with entering restricted area and entering the United States Capitol. That report is also being released today as well. That defendant’s name is Derrick Evans.”

The charge itself of entering restricted government property is a misdemeanor, usually causing the offender to be fined.

In these circumstances, however, bodily harm and even death were involved in Wednesday’s events, which could exacerbate the crime.


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