Just In: Rudy Giuliani Reveals Biden Family’s Stunning Coverup

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(SNews) – Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has accused the White House and Secret Service of covering up the culprit who left cocaine in the West Wing.

Giuliani suggested that White House officials don’t want to expose the culprit because they are protecting Democrat President Joe Biden.

During an appearance on Newsmax, Giuliani, who took down the New York mafia as a prosecutor before slashing crime in NYC as mayor, offered his services.

Giuliani said he would catch the White House cocaine culprit if the Biden admin appointed him to investigate it.

“What kind of security do we have in the White House?” Giuliani asked.

“I mean this is absurd,” he told Newsmax host Eric Bolling.

“This is like putting out your excuse before you even started the investigation.

“It would be as if there was a murder in New York City, I’m the mayor, and I show up and I say, ‘Well, we’ll never solve this murder.’”

Giuliani continued: “Why don’t they appoint me and give me a couple of um, of um, lie detector analysts, and a couple of— couple of forensic experts, and I’ll catch them.

“First of all, we’ll first figure out everybody that went through that area.

“It is not heavily trafficked.

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“That’s absurd.

“That lying press secretary made it sound like it’s Grand Central Station.

“Of course, there are people that come in there, it’s the waiting room, but it’s not heavily trafficked.

“Second, I’m not even sure it was there.

“The first notice was that it was in a library, and then remember the next day it changed to it was in the waiting room.

“So now we gotta figure out who’s telling the truth,” he asserted.

“Let’s start with that because, you know, in a library, it sounds a lot more suspicious than in a waiting room.

“But you can narrow that waiting room down to a hundred people.

“If you can’t figure out who did this, the entire Secret Service should resign and new people should come in.

“This is a relatively narrow group of people.

“It’s not the whole world we’re investigating, and my God, you give me a couple of New York City detectives, we’ll get this thing figured out.

“Bernie Kerik and I will be willing to do it for nothing.”


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