JUST IN: Top Republican RETURNS – Democrats Scrambling

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(Big League Politics) – Populist Republican and investor Blake Masters has outraised his competitors for the GOP’s nomination for US Senator in Arizona, in a development likely to draw attention to the state’s primary.

Masters, a friend of Peter Thiel, raised more than a million dollars in the third quarter of 2021. Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s Attorney General, raised almost $600,000, lagging behind Masters.

Masters has attracted interest as a candidate for invoking concerns typical Republican politicians fail to emphasize, such the increasing difficulty Americans face supporting families on a single income. Masters has pointed to the social and economic model of states such as California as one resembling a third-world country, pledging to fight against open borders, illegal immigration, and anarcho-tyranny as a Senator.

Brnovich is generally considered a favorite for the Republican nomination, being the only GOP candidate to have won a statewide election in the contentious purple state previously. Much of the party’s establishment has coalesced around the attorney general, with some grassroots activists suggesting the party break the mold for a statewide nominee after a series of renominations of poor candidates and political amateurs without much of a resume to offer voters.

The Republican primary for the Arizona US Senate election will be held in August of 2022.


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