JUST IN: Trump Gets HUGE Win As Google Finally CAVES

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(Slay news) – President Donald Trump has just got a massive win after Google finally approved Truth Social’s app on the Google Play Store.

Trump’s social media platform will now be available on all Android phones.

The news comes after months of waiting to get the app approved.

Trump Media & Technology Group (“TMTG”) announced that the Truth Social Android App is available for users to download in the Google Play Store.

With its inclusion in the Google Play Store, Truth Social can now be accessed across all devices in the United States.

TMTG CEO Devin Nunes said, “It’s been a pleasure to work with Google, and we’re glad they helped us to finally bring Truth Social to all Americans, regardless of what device they use.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our mission to restore free speech online.”

“Apps may be distributed on Google Play provided they comply with our developer guidelines, including the requirement to effectively moderate user-generated content and remove objectionable posts such as those that incite violence,” a Google spokesman said.

Shares of Trump’s company rose on the news.

From Marketwatch:

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Shares of blank-check-company Digital World Acquisition Corp. on Thursday jumped after the Donald Trump-backed social-media-platform Truth Social was approved for distribution through Alphabet Inc.’s Google mobile-app store.

Shares are up 26%, at $20.13.

Truth Social’s Google Play approval comes after the social-media platform agreed to comply with the tech giant’s content-moderation guidelines.

From CNBC:

The news comes days after DWAC, a so-called blank check company, further pushed a vote to delay its merger with Trump Media.

DWAC, led by CEO Patrick Orlando, has thus far failed to garner the necessary 65% of shareholders to extend the merger deadline.

DWAC is set to liquidate Dec. 8 if an extension is not approved.

The merger has faced obstacles, both legal and financial. DWAC’s private investors were set to provide $1 billion to Trump Media upon the merger’s completion.

But at least $138 million of that money was withdrawn, and the company moved its address to a UPS Store.

The DWAC-Trump Media deal is the subject of a Justice Department probe into potential securities violations for discussions between the two companies prior to the merger announcement last fall.


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