Leftist Lunatics Dox And Threaten Armed St. Louis Couple Who Protected Their Home From Black Lives Matter Mob During Protest

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Media attempted and failed to spin incident as threat to ‘peaceful protesters’.

(Infowars) – Viral video captured the moment a St. Louis couple armed themselves and defended their home from a Black Lives Matter mob that had forced their way into the gated community.

While the media initially attempted to suggest that the couple were threatening ‘peaceful protesters’, that narrative soon collapsed.

The mob yelled obscenities at the couple and threatened to take their guns from them.

The couple were identified as attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey. They were quickly doxed and subjected to threats on Twitter, leading to some publications removing their address from previous news coverage of their huge mansion.

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Others found that the couple have donated to both major political parties over the years, disappointing the mob that was sure they were staunch Republicans.

Those calling for doxxing were hit with a swift backlash.

Meanwhile the BLM mob ended up outside the mayors house in St Louis:

As far as the McCloskey’s go, they are now a meme, and forever will be thanks in large part to Mr McCloskey’s pink polo shirt:


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