‘Let us Worship’: Thousands of Christians Gather in After Downtown Antifa Attack

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(The Post Millennial) – Thousands of Christians gathered in downtown Portland on Sunday at Tom McCall Waterfront Park to attend Pastor Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” service, one day after Antifa attacked a group of Evangelical Christians congregating for a prayer and worship event at the same location.

Video recorded at the scene on Saturday showed children and families running away as black-clad Antifa militants tore apart the sound equipment and assaulted attendees with pepper spray and projectiles, including minors.

Saturday’s violent actions failed to deter Christians from attending Sunday’s worship service.

“Help me GIVE THANKS to our security team (half of them here) tonight in Portland. These are all ex-military, ex-police, private security and most importantly LOVERS OF JESUS and freedom,” Pastor Sean Feucht said in an Instagram post on Sunday.

“If you mess with them or our first amendment right to worship God – you’ll meet the ministry of laying on of hands,” Feucht added, sending a warning to individuals that plan to disrupt the event.

During the service in Portland on Sunday, black bloc Antifa militants showed up but failed to disrupt the event as they were far-outnumbered by those in attendance.

“Though Antifa is surrounding us on both sides working to intimidate, God is setting people free!! KEEP PRAYING!!,” Feucht said in an Instagram post.

“Needles, pills, drugs, blades, dope, marijuana being thrown on the stage!!!!,” Feucht continued.

Antifa organized their plans to disrupt the event on Twitter and Telegram on Sunday and said, “Do you have your gear packed and ready in-case neo-fascist militants show up to Portland tonight to attack locals?”

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During the service, Antifa members John Colin Hacker, Sean Gabriel Lopez, and others watched the group from a bridge and provided live intel updates to other Antifa members. However, they did not intervene because they were far outnumbered, according to The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo.

Portland Antifa member and serial riot arrestee Darrell Anthony Kimberlin used Twitter to send a warning to his comrades who are embedded in and around the Christian worship event.

“DO NOT tweet locations of where you or comrades are. The fascists are out in large f-cking numbers and they will go directly to you,” Kimberlin said.

The “Let Us Worship” event concluded without incident. However, an altercation broke out between event security and Antifa militants after Antifa began to target attendees with projectiles as they walked to their vehicles.

Projectiles were thrown between the two groups which include, but not limited to, fireworks, flash bangs, and rocks.

According to a livestream from Villain Report, Antifa also threw chunks of concrete and placed caltrops in the road, which are designed to pop car tires.

Portland Police Bureau had minimal presence at the event, and as of Sunday night, officers have yet to intervene between the two clashing groups.

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