MUST-SEE: Elon Musk Just DECIMATED The Legacy Media

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(Slay) – Telsa CEO and new Twitter owner Elon Musk denounced NBC after one of the network’s anchors, Mehdi Hasan, trashed Musk and his purchase of the social media company.

Hasan called the man who founded Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and OpenAI a ‘not-so-bright billionaire.’ Musk does more to advance civilization in one hour than Hasan or anyone at NBC or MSNBC does in their entire lifetimes and yet they still throw stones?

Hasan said: “If the neo-Nazi faction of the GOP expands in Nov., we may look back on this week as a pivotal moment, when a petulant and not-so-bright billionaire casually bought one of the most influential messaging machines and just handed it to the far-right.”

Elon Musk let him have it. He said: “NBC basically saying Republicans are Nazis.

“Same org that covered up Hunter Biden laptop story, had Harvey Weinstein story early & killed it & built Matt Lauer his rape office.

“Lovely people.”

Ron DeSantis said the Twitter sale to Musk is good fr free speech and for Florida as the state will make close to $20 million on its investment in Twitter.

Ron said: “This is a guy that has succeeded in almost every enterprise he’s ever done.

“And so he will, our state will benefit, we will get, I think $15, $20 million profit from our pension fund.

“But then he will make that company more valuable, I have no doubt about it.

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“Look, you guys can make business judgments, but you can’t veto a great offer just because you don’t like Elon or because you’re worried that he may open up Twitter” he said about the decision to sell.

DeSantis added: “In Florida, I think we’ve done very well, particularly over the last few years, attracting businesses that are producing things.

“We’ve worked really hard on vocational and career education, importing some tech company from San Francisco has not been high on our list.

“I think that what happens is they’ll tend to come in, they drive up the cost of living for everybody else. Yeah, they enjoy our lower taxes but you know, what is what are they really providing?”

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