MUST-SEE: Kayleigh McEnany Puts Biden in His Place

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(SNews) – Fox News star Kayleigh McEnany has put Democrat President Joe Biden in his place over the escalating banking crisis.

McEnany fired back after the Democrats’ allies in the corporate media tried to push a narrative that Biden “saved the day” in the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse.

The collapse has spread as concerns mount that more banks will follow SVB and Signature Bank.

McEnany shared a clip from her discussing the situation on her hit show “Outnumbered” on social media with the caption: “The White House wants the narrative to be ‘Biden saved the day,’ but the actual headline should be ‘Biden caused the crisis!’”

On her show, McEnany said: “The monetary policy in the decisions of the federal government cannot be understated.

“They can point all day at SVB and say look, there were bad actors there, but they have four fingers pointing back at them because they are involved in this.

“Biden, we saw him try to divert blame to the last administration, the Wall Street Journal took that apart and said this still would have happened, absent that 2018 bipartisan law that was passed.

“We’ve got to ask the question, ‘How did we get here?’

“We go from crisis to crisis.

“They want the narrative to be ‘Biden saved the day,’ but the real narrative is ‘Biden caused this, and but for the president of the United States, we would not be here.”

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