MUST-SEE: Kid Rock Issues Patriotic July 4th Message…

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(Slay News) – Kid Rock has issued a patriotic July 4th message while firing back at his critics and the anti-Second Amendment Left.

However, the music star was quickly attacked by those same critics over his Independence Day message.

“If you’re anti-gun, you don’t get to celebrate the 4th of July,” Rock posted on President Donald Trump’s Truth Social.

“You would have never fought back.

“Enjoy Pride Month. P*ssy.”

Rock’s critics imploded over the statement, with one responding: “Kid rock can suck my star spangled d*ck.

“Dont f*cking tell me how to celebrate 4th of July you f*cking rich douche cosplaying as a southerner.

“Your sorry good for nothing a** grew up rich and wouldn’t be caught dead associating with your fanbase.

“You ain’t worked hard in your life.”

However, as Slay News has previously reported, Rock is not worried about the Left trying to cancel him.

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He recently told Tucker Carlson recently he is “uncancelable.”

Carlson asked Kid Rock, “Why haven’t you been canceled?

“People aren’t allowed to say what they think, you are.”

Kid Rock revealed his secret to rising above the “woke” Left:

“I am uncancelable,” Kid Rock said.

Carlson asked, “Why’s that?”

Kid Rock said:

“Because I don’t give a f*ck and I’m not in bed with any big corporate things at the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden too, no record companies, no nothing.

“You can’t cancel me, I love it when they try.”

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