MUST-SEE: Lauren Boebert SHREDS Biden’s Viral Video… Complete Humiliation

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(Slay News) – Democrat President Joe Biden went viral for all the wrong reasons earlier this week when he appeared to offer his hand for a handshake while no one was there.

After finishing his speech, Biden appeared confused and wandered around the stage, raising more questions about his mental fitness.

The embarrassing incident came as Biden’s historically low poll numbers are causing many Democrats to distance themselves from the president.

Joe Concha gave Biden the bad news saying: “Joe Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics is at 26 percent.

“Per FiveThirtyEight, he was in the *high 60s* in approval among this group (the fastest growing of any voting group) upon taking office.

“Just a devastating outlook for the party come November.”

Giancarlo Sopo said: “The latest Quinnipiac poll finds Joe Biden with a 26% approval rating among Hispanics — lower than his rating among whites.

“Even if you think it’s off 10 points, it is a nightmare scenario for Democrats.”

Biden needs to start delivering a steady performance to ease the Democrats’ concerns.

However, Biden did the opposite in North Carolina, where he finished his speech, got confused and tried to shake hands with thin air, then ambled off the stage looking bewildered.

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Enter Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who said:

“Biden wasn’t ‘shaking hands with a ghost’ and we should stop making ridiculous jokes like that.

“He was shaking hands with his voters.”


From The Daily Mail:

In a post published minutes after the speech’s conclusion, Cruz re-shared the clip of Biden – the oldest-ever US president – with a caption that included a wide-eyed emoji.

Others called Biden’s actions at the end of the speech ‘elder abuse’ and questioned his mental state.

‘Where are the White House and Biden family handlers whose job it is to make him look good?’ wrote Harmeet K. Dhillon, former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party following the display.

‘This is truly bizarre,’ the Republican lawyer went on, ‘unless they WANT him to look like a dementia patient.’

Politician Robby Starbuck, who is running for Congress in Tennessee’s upcoming Republican primary, remarked: ‘Oh man. The music makes it 10x worse. This man is unfit to be President. Period.’

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