Must-See: Newt Gingrich Drops Hammer On Joe Biden

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(SNews) – Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has slammed Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration as “the most corrupt” in “American history.”

Gingrich warned the American people that the Biden admin is a danger to the survival of the United States.

Newt said: “The Biden administration is either corrupt or living in a fantasy land.

“In either case, it’s dangerous to the United States.

“If Yellen actually believes what she’s saying, she’s in a total fantasy land.

“And when I watch, for example, the Secretary of State who’s been paid, I think, over $1,000,000 a year by the University of Pennsylvania with money, which I think came directly from communist China, I’m not particularly reassured.

“So, I think whether it’s on a fantasy front or a corruption front, the Biden administration is enormously dangerous to the survival of America and an enormous asset in the creation of a Chinese communist dominance system.

“I think is enormously difficult.

“I think you’re beginning to see a break in the system because it’s becoming so sickening.

“It’s so obvious.

“Frankly, the research by the House Republicans is so compelling that I think the whole thing’s going to break down.

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“This is the most corrupt administration in American history surrounded by people who live in a fantasy land in terms of how the world works, and the combination, I think, is an enormous danger to the very safety and survival of the United States,” he said.


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