MUST-SEE: Ted Cruz Puts Final Nail In Biden’s Coffin

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(Slay News) – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) went on Fox Business to call out Joe Biden saying the president behaves “like a scared sixth-grade girl” on foreign policy. Cruz said:

“Joe Biden is the worst foreign policy and national security president this nation has ever had. You can trace this back to a year ago Biden surrendered to the Taliban, left Americans behind enemy lines.

“And every enemy of America across the globe, they looked at the Oval Office and took the measure of the man in the oval office, and tragically they concluded the commander-in-chief was weak and feckless and ineffective.

“What the left doesn’t understand is weakness is provocative. When bullies and tyrants, Iran, Russia, North Korea see a weak and scared president, it makes them more aggressive.

“It makes Putin invade Ukraine.

“It makes China think about invading Taiwan.

“The way to defend America, the way to avoid Armageddon, which Joe Biden’s weakness, I agree, it’s increasing the chance of disaster.

“The way to avoid it is the way Ronald Reagan did through peace through strength.

“It’s the way Donald Trump did through peace through strength.

“When America is strong, when we support our military, when we stand up to our enemies, the bad guys don’t want to stand up to us.

“When you behave like a scared sixth-grade girl, which is how Joe Biden behaves, the bullies see that, and they behave accordingly, and that makes the world a whole lot more dangerous place,” he said.

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